WRC F2 C3-6, Al Mafraq Abu Dhabi, P.O. Box: 113350, UAE
02 585 6644Laundristic Whatsapp54 998 5200 / 54 998 5201 /54 998 5202
24/7 (Round the Clock)
02 585 6644Laundristic Whatsapp54 998 5200 / 54 998 5201 /54 998 5202

Wedding Gown Cleaning & Preservation

WRC F2 C3-6, Al Mafraq,P.O. Box: 113350 Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates
02 585 6644 /54 998 5200 54 998 5201 /54 998 5202
24/7(Round the Clock)
Laundristics Wedding Service

We can maintain, renew, and preserve wedding gowns and any other formal wear with a guarantee of preservation for life. Our trained team examines carefully the valuable high-end garments to determine the best way to treat its unique-design. Professional and gentle cleaning techniques are applied in order to extend the life of precious pieces. Our Cleaning and PReservation process goes to many steps. Each garment is well inspected, treated for stains, cleaned carefully, and then hand finished with attention focused on quality and detail


Our team is formed by well-trained experts that have experience in the Haute couture garment, children garment, leather and suede care, and garment preservation. The team is well knowledgeable about haute couture fashion, fabrics and textures Alessia Coture believes in providing constant training and education to our team on the new fabrics and designs