WRC F2 C3-6, Al Mafraq Abu Dhabi, P.O. Box: 113350, UAE
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24/7 (Round the Clock)
02 585 6644Laundristic Whatsapp54 998 5200 / 54 998 5201 /54 998 5202

Upholstery, & Living Area Rug Cleaning

WRC F2 C3-6, Al Mafraq,P.O. Box: 113350 Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates
02 585 6644 /54 998 5200 54 998 5201 /54 998 5202
24/7(Round the Clock)
Laundristics Upholsary Service

Upholstery Cleaning :
Furniture can trap dust, dirt and allergies in fibers. This may result in bad odor in the furniture and may because of allergies.Therefore for good health for you and your family, it is recommended to have your furniture deep cleaning on regular intervals.

We use a process of Steam Cleaning or Shampooing to clean your furniture and upholstery. The methods are used reliant on the necessities of the customers. The Steam Cleaning technique allows us to eliminate dirt and stains from your upholstery, without leaving behind any filtrate and the shampooing formula helps to deep clean the Upholstery and remove the bad odor of the upholstery

Living Area Rug/Carpet Cleaning

We restore and maintain the original beauty of your Rub/Carpet with Professional Cleaning Services. Your Rugs & Carpets will be cleaned with the time-proven fast-drying multi-step hot water extraction carpet cleaning method. This method is most recommended by the leading carpet manufacturers with unique professional cleaning services, restore the novelty & beauty of your carpets, safeguards the fabric, deep clean, extend the life of your carpets, eliminates the most stubborn stains and smells without using chemicals