WRC F2 C3-6, Al Mafraq Abu Dhabi, P.O. Box: 113350, UAE
02 585 6644Laundristic Whatsapp54 998 5200 / 54 998 5201 /54 998 5202
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02 585 6644Laundristic Whatsapp54 998 5200 / 54 998 5201 /54 998 5202

A few words about us

Laundristic is one of the leading laundry service providers in Abu Dhabi which was established in 2009 and licensed in 2011 to operate as a specialized industrial laundry using the best and latest technology available in the laundry industry.

Laundristic is located in Al Mafraq F2-C3/1. The company includes experienced multinational staff to operate the machines, has over 34 years of laundry experience and is ISO certified and qualified.  Laundristic excels in several areas of laundry processes with state-of-the-art technology including Automated soiled linen transportation system using Skema Monorail system. Tunnel batch washing machine that operates a 360-degree rotation to optimize washing efficiency. Centrifugal extractor as well as a hydraulic press to extract moisture content to protect the threads, buttons, zippers etc. Batch dryers designed to improve softening of linen or garments Washing & drying capacity of 2,300 Kgs. per hour – 40 Ton Per day (in addition to three heavy-duty washing machines and a Dry-cleaning Machine to handle guest and Management laundry with a capacity of 100 Kgs. per hour). Garment finishing line with capacity of 1,000 pieces per hour and linen up to 2,500 pieces per hour. hamper bags to stack linen. covered metal meshed trolleys to transport garment and linen within the premises. tale lifted and covered truck and a mini-van to transport linen between client premises and Laundristic. segregation of garment as per item, soil, and colour. linen and garments are weighed as per washing machine type and detergent formula. use of high-quality detergents from “Burnus Hychem” to manage laundry chemicals using automated dosing pumps to ensure linen and garments are washed with care. Tailoring Services for producing Staff Uniforms and to repair Damage Garment. We can manage your in-house laundry facility providing experienced Laundry staff to manage your Laundry including Maintenance of Your Laundry.

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